14 Dec 2018 HSBC launches ‘Greater Together’ campaign – a new campaign that inspires people to come together and get rewarded English PDF 558.24 KB

11 Dec 2018 Disclosure is key to unlocking more green financing for Malaysia and beyond English PDF 670.87 KB

3 Dec 2018 Businesses sees financial rewards from making their supply chains greener English PDF 716.37 KB


19 Nov 2018 From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Made for China’: Malaysian businesses prioritise quality products, partnerships and millennials as key to driving China sales English PDF 827.15 KB

5 Nov 2018 Are ASEAN corporates downplaying the trade tension risk or spotting the supply chain opportunity? English PDF 710.09 KB

1 Nov 2018 Malaysian firms bullish about the global economic environment: HSBC report English PDF 646.74 KB


22 Oct 2018 EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement a boon for Malaysia English PDF 299.79 KB

3 Oct 2018 HSBC Amanah Malaysia issues world’s FIRST United Nations Sustainable Development Goals sukuk English PDF 586.55 KB


24 May 2018 HSBC Malaysia appoints Stuart Milne as new CEO English PDF 77.16 KB


13 Apr 2018 China’s transformation has positive impact on Malaysia English PDF 201.11 KB

9 Apr 2018 Mukhtar Hussain to take on new strategic role English PDF 118.38 KB


30 Mar 2018 Fintech, banking’s great disruptor. Or is it? Jennifer Doherty, Head of Innovation for Asia, Global Liquidity and Cash Management at HSBC explains this English PDF 136.85 KB

20 Mar 2018 Malaysia to benefit from ASEAN’s flourishing digital economy English PDF 163.89 KB

15 Mar 2018 Malaysia and other Pacific Rim nations joins forces to boost trade English PDF 554.82 KB

9 Mar 2018 63% of Malaysian firms expect positive impact from new Trans-Pacific Trade Deal English PDF 126.03 KB

7 Mar 2018 Resilience and Innovation: Taking the Driver’s Seat English PDF 144.97 KB


28 Feb 2018 HSBC comes up TOPS in global awards English PDF 92.63 KB

20 Feb 2018 China Green Bond Market 2017 Climate Bonds Initiative and CCDC jointly publish the second annual China Green Bond Market report, supported by HSBC - China has cemented its position as a leading green bond market with US$37.1bn issued in 2017 English PDF 354.05 KB

14 Feb 2018 HSBC completes first RMB remittance for Chinese working abroad English PDF 78.38 KB

13 Feb 2018 ASEAN in 2018: Strength in economic diversity Joseph Incalcaterra, Chief ASEAN economist English PDF 89.83 KB

9 Feb 2018 Malaysia’s role in meeting climate goals English PDF 133.23 KB

5 Feb 2018 Expats ride on Asia growth with Malaysia a positive place to live in, HSBC survey says English PDF 116.88 KB


26 Jan 2018 Malaysia and India to gain from cooperating on trade and investment English PDF 90.94 KB

24 Jan 2018 In the pursuit of growth, India and ASEAN should be natural partners English PDF 130.37 KB

9 Jan 2018 HSBC launches mobile collections service to help corporates tap into Chinese consumers' e-wallets English PDF 275.31 KB

4 Jan 2018 How to win the war over trade English PDF 85.43 KB


22 Dec 2017 100,000 meals packed by HSBC for vulnerable communities English PDF 60.83 KB


28 Nov 2017 E-commerce reshaping Malaysia and China English PDF 69.10 KB

13 Nov 2017 HSBC to help combat climate change with a $100 billion boost for sustainable financing English PDF 73.56 KB

10 Nov 2017 The financial umbilical cord: one in two parents still supporting children over 18 in Malaysia English PDF 112.94 KB

7 Nov 2017 The wheels are now in motion for the Southeast Asia railway network English PDF 86.04 KB

3 Nov 2017 Collaboration is the way forward for Malaysian financial institutions and fintech companies English PDF 71.56 KB


31 Oct 2017 HSBC is first foreign bank approved as joint lead underwriter for Panda bond issuance in CIBM by non-financial corporates English PDF 62.45 KB

27 Oct 2017 HSBC sponsors 5th Iclif Leadership Energy Summit Asia English PDF 65.47 KB

19 Oct 2017 ASEAN primed for a digital future English PDF 69.83 KB

16 Oct 2017 HSBC Amanah launches FIRST of its kind universal solution for financial legacy planning English PDF 92.35 KB

13 Oct 2017 Rise of the robot estate agent: study examines the future of home buying in Malaysia English PDF 174.19 KB

10 Oct 2017 HSBC tops Asiamoney’s New Silk Road Finance Awards English PDF 149.16 KB


28 Sep 2017 HSBC appoints new Co-Heads of Global Banking for Malaysia English PDF 86.37 KB

21 Sep 2017 Growing investor appetite for green assets puts pressure on companies to explain their climate strategies English PDF 141.54 KB

19 Sep 2017 The Islamic Finance Story in ASEAN English PDF 81.78 KB


22 Aug 2017 How China has gone from green laggard to green leader English PDF 96.68 KB

16 Aug 2017 Why China’s “Silicon Delta” will lead the digital revolution English PDF 144.77 KB

10 Aug 2017 Malaysia to reap immense benefits from ASEAN’s infrastructure-backed economic growth English PDF 147.22 KB

8 Aug 2017 ASEAN’s 50th anniversary signals new era for development and investment growth, HSBC says English PDF 139.09 KB


31 Jul 2017 Parents in Malaysia spend an average of RM109,470 on their child’s education English PDF 153.07 KB

25 Jul 2017 Malaysia to benefit from RMBI’s regained momentum English PDF 149.54 KB

11 Jul 2017 Belt and Road’s financial market implications on Malaysia English PDF 180.26 KB


15 Jun 2017 HSBC makes major investment in Malaysia English PDF 87.15 KB

6 Jun 2017 UCSI University to represent Malaysia at the HSBC Business Case Competition in Hong Kong English PDF 60.56 KB

5 Jun 2017 China to extend its long-term outbound strategy by riding the Belt and Road Initiative English PDF 68.89 KB


19 May 2017 ASEAN infrastructure gap turns negatives into positives – says HSBC English PDF 87.58 KB

18 May 2017 Digital revolution for Malaysia and China English PDF 75.36 KB

9 May 2017 Why Belt and Road is more than the sum of its parts English PDF 62.29 KB


27 Mar 2017 Dream to own a home for Malaysia’s millennials is still alive English PDF 140.77 KB


24 Feb 2017 Unlocking opportunities in China’s bond market English PDF 178.91 KB

22 Feb 2017 Greater China trade and investments to support long-term RMB use in Malaysia English PDF 93.81 KB

10 Feb 2017 Belt and Road Initiative brings mutual economic benefits to Malaysia, ASEAN and China English PDF 96.40 KB


20 Jan 2017 HSBC Global Asset Management suggests four key macro themes for 2017 English PDF 341.05 KB


4 Nov 2016 Malaysian businesses may miss China trade and infrastructure boom even as Renminbi usage climbs English PDF 137.51 KB


26 Oct 2016 HSBC Amanah Malaysia appoints new CEO English PDF 81.82 KB

10 Oct 2016 Expats regard Malaysia as a country offering better work life balance English PDF 86.88 KB


28 Sep 2016 HSBC expands global trade finance investment network English PDF 74.63 KB

8 Sep 2016 Australia the top choice for Malaysian parents planning to send their child abroad for university education English PDF 83.77 KB

2 Sep 2016 HSBC sees scope for G20 trade boost at Hangzhou Summit English PDF 80.40 KB


17 Aug 2016 Malaysia to benefit from the growth of tourism in Southeast Asia English PDF 90.58 KB

10 Aug 2016 RMB Internationalisation: The story so far English PDF 166.76 KB

2 Aug 2016 Malaysians pre-retirees need to save for four years longer for a comfortable retirement English PDF 102.00 KB


26 Jul 2016 The rise of Renminbi as the next global investment currency will benefit Malaysian investors English PDF 183.28 KB

20 Jul 2016 88% Malaysian parents would consider international experiences for their child English PDF 78.55 KB

8 Jul 2016 HSBC appoints Andrew Sill to lead Commercial Banking business in Malaysia English PDF 57.39 KB

4 Jul 2016 Spreading the joy of Raya English PDF 56.97 KB

1 Jul 2016 Malaysia to contribute towards RMB’s final frontier English PDF 134.52 KB


30 Jun 2016 HSBC Amanah Malaysia’s excellence recognised at the Asset AAA Islamic Finance Awards 2016 English PDF 84.79 KB

27 Jun 2016 Pivotal moment for UK-Malaysia trade English PDF 75.63 KB

14 Jun 2016 Accelerating Trade Amid Market Volatility – Malaysia to Benefit English PDF 176.16 KB

10 Jun 2016 HSBC and MIDA sign MOU to increase global investment in Malaysia English PDF 72.91 KB

9 Jun 2016 “Angry Birds” brings joy and happiness to children English PDF 84.65 KB


26 May 2016 The rise of micro-multinationals English PDF 64.61 KB


29 Apr 2016 RCEP deal to help drive trade growth in Asia, HSBC says English PDF 135.87 KB

28 Apr 2016 China is transitioning to a digital economy, Malaysia is catching up with the trend English PDF 149.71 KB

19 Apr 2016 The “Belt and Road” initiative is good news for the region’s capital markets including Malaysia. English PDF 134.26 KB


16 Mar 2016 Malaysia amongst top 3 of countries where expats feel at home in less than a year English PDF 108.12 KB

11 Mar 2016 Perceptions of gender diversity among senior businesswomen in Malaysia are positive English PDF 64.00 KB

7 Mar 2016 Significant advancements made in improving gender equality in the workplace in Southeast Asia, but challenges still remain English PDF 63.90 KB


3 Feb 2016 Bespoke solutions key to digital retail’s fast fashion world English PDF 86.96 KB


12 Jan 2016 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): A milestone for ASEAN’s economic development English PDF 169.12 KB

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