Throughout our history, we have been committed to contributing to the long-term prosperity of our communities. We support partnerships that help our people and communities thrive. We work with our network to support local causes and help provide relief in incidents of natural disaster.


With technology developing rapidly, we need a range of skills to thrive in the modern world. A key part of our sustainability strategy focuses on future skills, particularly employability and financial capability.

HSBC-Selangor Youth Community – TEAM Programme

HSBC is a Global Founding Corporate Partner of The Prince’s Trust Group. In Malaysia, the Selangor Youth Community (SAY) is the official partner of The Prince’s Trust Group and HSBC Malaysia is a proud supporter of their TEAM programme since 2020.

TEAM is a nine-week long intervention for youth from marginalised backgrounds who face barriers in transitioning into the working world. The programme builds foundational skills through work placements, residential activities and community projects. A total of 69 youths were supported in 2022/2023, of which 32 per cent secured employment or education and 64 per cent committed to continuing their education.

Participants of TEAM give back to the community as part of their programme

HSBC – JA Malaysia Financial Security & Career Exploration Programme

In collaboration with Junior Achievement Malaysia, HSBC seeks to improve financial literacy among youths in underprivileged communities. Through workshops and activities hosted by HSBC volunteers, 650 youths have benefitted from the programme since 2022, earning the ability to lead a more financially sustainable future.

Students and HSBC Malaysia volunteers at one of the JA Financial Security Sessions

HSBC-MySkills Foundation Solar PV and EV Training Programme

The MySkills Foundation seeks to provide at-risk youths with the necessary guidance to build employability. Some 125 teenage students undergo a one-year comprehensive Solar PV and EV training so they can have the skillsets to obtain fulfilling employment while contributing to Malaysia’s sustainable economic growth.

HSBC-AKPK Kembara Bijak Wang – A Financial Literacy Programme

HSBC Malaysia have joined forces with The Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) to run “Kembara Bijak Wang”. This initiative supports the Malaysian National Strategy for Financial Literacy and aims to improve the financial wellbeing of young Malaysians. The programme is curated to provide a future where every young Malaysian is financially literate, empowered, and truly free from unplanned debts. From its inception in 2019, the programme has reached and benefitted over 16,000 students from 60 higher educational establishments across Malaysia.

HSBC Business Case Competition

This is the world’s largest business case competition that brings together undergraduate students from over 14 countries, including Malaysia. The yearly competition nurtures future business leaders by bridging the gap between academia and the business world by challenging them to come up with creative and feasible solutions for real-life business cases.


HSBC Malaysia is committed to encouraging environmentally sustainable practices and partnering with groups who seek to build climate and natural resilience in an everchanging world.

Nurturing Rural Resilience through Nature Based Solutions Towards Climate Change Adaptation

HSBC Malaysia has partnered with the Global Environmental Centre (GEC) and the Selangor State Forestry Department to restore and promote sustainable management of the peatlands in forests in North Selangor and its surrounding areas. HSBC staff volunteers regularly partake in tree planting activities in degraded or underutilised patches. Through our partnership, we help to sustain local livelihoods, reduce the risk of wildfires, and help rehabilitate over 1,000 hectares of degraded forests within the area, ensuring environmental security for the future and for all.

HSBC Malaysia volunteers planting mangrove trees to restore and sustain peat lands


We have a responsibility to invest in the long-term prosperity of the communities where we operate. We provide aid in the form of financial help and community support for underprivileged and vulnerable communities.

Intervention Programme & Therapies for Autistic Children

In 2022, we funded IDEAS Autism Centre, to support their ongoing intervention programme; which includes complimentary speech therapy, hydrotherapy and hippotherapy sessions for autistic children from low income families to lessen their financial burden.

Children enjoying their hydrotherapy sessions along with HSBC Malaysia volunteers